Services - Proofreading, Copy-editing, Secretarial


It is important to create a good impression by ensuring all your documents have no errors in spelling, punctuation or grammar and are well presented. 

I have regularly worked on the following types of documents and online content:

  • Leaflets, brochures and publications
  • Press releases and newsletters
  • Mailings
  • Proposals, reports and accounts
  • Fiction and non-fiction
  • Websites.

I can tailor my services according to your needs:

  • Carry out a quick proofread to check your work is error-free
  • Edit non-native English to ensure it reads well
  • Carry out a more thorough proofread, checking for consistency and that your document is structured correctly – for example correct placing of tables, charts, images etc.


I also offer a copy-editing service, ensuring the layout and formatting are consistent and that there are no errors in spelling, punctuation or grammar.

I am familiar with editing non-native English to ensure the text flows and reads well.

Secretarial – for small businesses or individuals

Are you a company, organisation or individual needing some assistance with administration?  If so, I can help:

  • Writing correspondence
  • Editing/formatting reports to make them look professional and consistent, using the fonts, colours and styles you specify if necessary
  • Chasing outstanding invoices
  • Minute taking
  • Research/making travel arrangements
  • Secretariat service for clubs/organisations including auditing club accounts
  • Any other tasks considered – organising personal filing systems, etc.